Commercial Flooring for Schools

Whether your facility serves the needs of children with disabilities, graduate students or anyone in between, the flooring you select will have a lasting impact on their environment. Selecting the proper materials is important not only to the health of everyone in attendance, but floor covering has a tremendous impact on the continuing operational costs of your facility.

Choose lasting performance.

Soft or hard surfaces: performance products that fit the space. Education flooring needs change throughout a facility. Why should a one-floor-fits-all approach be expected to work everywhere when your priorities vary from stain resistance to quiet comfort to resilience under high traffic? Regardless of the space, the demand for maximum performance remains critical. Regents Flooring specializes in fitting the right high performance product to each space to ensure ease of maintenance and the longest possible life cycle.  We have extensive experience working with some of the largest school districts in the area.  We can give you the absolute best recommendations for your facility.